Parcels Data

The Parcels Data tab includes parcel information, ownership information, and estimated land and resource values.

Toggle on/off Summary, Ownership, and Estimates to view different attributes. 




Explore additional data columns and adjust data columns in view

Filter through Parcel Data 


This example video demonstrates filtering parcels by county to move parcels from Monroe county to a new portfolio

Purchase Phone and Email Data 

Automatically append Landowner Phone numbers, and/or Email addresses

*Credits will only be used if data is found*

1. Turn on Ownership Data   

2. Scroll to or search for Owner1 Phone and Owner1 Email columns 

3. Click the + button to purchase phone and email for all parcels in the portfolio 

4. Choose to purchase only phone or emails in the checkout screen

Export Data

Export an excel .csv with landowner information, a Shapefile and a KML file of a portfolio all in one download

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