What is PowerMarketing?

Automated marketing campaigns accessible through LandGate

Create direct mail campaigns with PowerMarketing in just a few steps! 


What does the PowerMarketing mailing service entail?

Our mailer service covers the entire process of mailing campaigns! 

We handle postage costs, merging of data, data scrubbing and quality assurance, printing, mailing, and tracking. Essentially, we take care of all the steps involved in getting your direct mail campaign delivered to your intended recipients.

How does this mailer service ensure data quality?

As part of our comprehensive mailer service, we go the extra mile to ensure data quality. One way we achieve this is by running your mailing list through a change of address process. We compare the addresses in your portfolio against our extensive change of address database, which helps us identify and update addresses that have been reported as changed. This additional step helps enhance the accuracy of your mailing campaigns and ensures that your mail reaches the correct recipients.

What is the benefit of the change of address process for mailer campaigns?

By incorporating the change of address process into our service, we minimize the chances of undeliverable mail and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Keeping your mailing list up to date with the latest address information helps you avoid wasting resources on mail that won't reach its intended destination. Our commitment to data quality means that you can rely on accurate and successful mail deliveries.

Is the change of address process an additional service or cost?

The change of address process is seamlessly integrated into our mailer service and is part of our commitment to data quality. There are no additional charges or separate services associated with it. We prioritize providing you with a comprehensive solution that includes reliable address updates to maximize the effectiveness of your mailer campaigns.

How is the printing and mailing process handled?

Once your portfolio and customizations are ready, we take care of the printing and mailing process. We utilize high-quality printing techniques and reliable mailing partners to ensure that your direct mail pieces are professionally produced and promptly sent out to recipients.

Does LandGate cover all postage costs?

Yes, we cover all postage costs associated with your mailer campaigns. There are no additional fees or hidden charges related to postage. Our service includes the cost of postage to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

What happens if a piece of mail is undeliverable?

In the rare event that a mail piece is undeliverable, we handle it according to our established protocols. We review the address data, make necessary updates if possible, and, if needed, provide you with a report detailing the undeliverable items. 

How does LandGate track the delivery of mailed campaigns?

We provide tracking services to monitor the progress of your mailer campaigns on orders with more than 500 mailers. 

How can I get started with the PowerMarketing mailer service?

Getting started is simple! 

You can either reach out to our team, and we will guide you through the process


You can take advantage of starting within the LandGate app. This service is a fully automated tool available to you in PowerCRM, allowing you to begin the process on your own. However, our team is always available to provide assistance whenever you need it.

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