Property & Asset Reports

What is a Property Report?

The Property Report allows users to access essential data related to your portfolio or parcel of interest and generate high-quality reports suitable for landowners and investors alike.

Information for Property Reports is available both digitally (as shown on the right) or in PDF format (as shown below).

What is an Asset Report?

The Asset Report provides users with a high-level understanding of their portfolio. Toggling through the tabs Land, Solar, Wind, and Carbon, you can see a summary of the high-value and low-value parcels for each portfolio as they relate to specific energy resources.

Information for Asset Reports is available both digitally (as shown on the right) or in PDF format.

NOTE: When a portfolio is first created, LandGate will compute Estimated Land Values for all parcels in the portfolio. This may take some time at first, but once the values are calculated, they will load instantaneously the next time you access the portfolio. 

Customize & Export Report

Information in the Property Report tab can be exported in PDF format. 

Export Property Report

Resource Pages

Upload your own Logo(s) to be displayed at the top of the report  

**If no logo is uploaded, a LandGate logo will be in place**

Create a Biography(s) to be displayed on Page 2 of the report

This section can be used to tell a Landowner about who you are and what services you provide

**If no Biography is created, this page will be removed from the report**

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