Map Tips

Map Selectors 

Cursor Selector: View single parcel data & Data layer details 

Group Selector: Group parcels or add additional parcels to a portfolio

Search by Latitude/Longitude 

Locate Me

View Key Data out in the field by using the Locate Me feature

Expand PowerTools View

Expand PowerTools Data view 

Full Map Mode 

Bulk Select Parcels 

Bulk Select Parcels from the map 

Reset Selection

Clear bulk selected parcels by clicking on the Select All checkbox in the Parcels table

Open to Google Maps

Click the icon at the bottom right of the map extent to open a new tab in Google Maps at the same lat/long you were viewing in LandGate

This icon also appears on the feature information page for Distribution Lines

Search Bar 

The primary search the map by address, city, county, zip, APN, owner name, or solar farm. 

When searching by APN, use the format: 

APN, County, State (08-012-005-20, Logan, IL)

When searching by Owner Name, use the format:

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, County, State


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