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Customize Report - Property Report Generation


Company Logos

Upload your own Logo(s) to be displayed at the top of the report  

.jpg or .png file

**If no logo is uploaded, a LandGate logo will be in place**

After uploading your logo, you can utilize your logo in the report 


Create a Biography(s) to be displayed on Page 2 of the report

This section can be used to tell a Landowner about who you are and what services you provide

.jpg or .png file

**If no Biography is created, this page will be removed from the report**

**For a biography section to show up in the report a 'Personal Picture' must be uploaded**

The uploaded personal picture will populate in an editor mode

After uploading your personal picture, update the other Biography fields with your information

After uploading your personal picture, you can utilize your picture in the report 

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