Solar PowerVal

What is Solar PowerVal?

All-In-One Engineering & Economics Web App

Simplified, Automated, and Reliable

Plan Commercial Solar Projects

The platform allows users to design, plan, and evaluate future developments of solar farms in minutes. Save significant time and money with LandGate’s Solar PowerVal.

Most Accurate Solar Farm Data

The platform includes conditioned solar farm data, historical production, localized LMPs, local/state incentives, topography, exclusion zones, 3D solar irradiance, location specific capital costs, operating costs, and PPAs for existing and future farms.

Evaluate Economics

Users can evaluate the economics of future solar farm development and run economics on groups of existing solar farms. Developers have the ability to automatically build new solar farm outlines based on exclusions and setbacks, use the built-in economic parameters or adjust them, print a full economic report and feasibility study in seconds, and run price sensitivities.

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