June Release

 In this update, we focused on enhancing the user experience, providing more efficient search capabilities, and improving data visibility. Below are the highlights of the new features and enhancements:

Datasets relevant to EV Charging have now been added to LandGate. These include EV corridors, major roads, exit ramps, Disadvantaged Communities (DACs), and Tribal Reservations. These datasets can be used to search for parcels for potential EV charging sites.

An icon in the bottom right corner of opens google maps at the lat/long position the user is currently looking at. Additionally, the detail page for Distribution Lines has the same icon.

A new predefined search in the Parcels Search tool allows users to find parcels in proximity to currently leased solar farms.

When viewing listing details, there is now a button that will open the listing in PowerTools.

In accordance with new guidance from the DOE, we have updated the IRA layers for 'Coal Closure' and 'Statistical Areas' Energy Communities.

Shapefile searches are now substantially faster and the Contains option now includes a buffer to address any shapefile overlap with parcel boundaries.

Asset Reports have been added to the 'Property Report' tab in PowerCRM. These reports provide users with a high-level understanding of a portfolio's parcels by displaying which parcels are most and least valuable for different energy development.

This feature allows users to copy parcels from an existing portfolio to a new portfolio.