May Release

 In this update, we focused on enhancing the user experience, providing more efficient search capabilities, and improving data visibility. Below are the highlights of the new features and enhancements:

You can now search for specific parcels without the need to create a portfolio. This streamlined search functionality allows you to retrieve parcel information as soon as you hit the map.

Now you can view ownership details directly within the PowerCRM table, eliminating the need for additional navigation. This inline ownership information provides quick insights into property ownership, enhancing your decision-making process.

When selecting "Estimates" in Parcels Data, all associated, estimated resource $/ac values will be automatically populated and displayed in the table for inline editing ensuring you have all necessary valuation information at your fingertips.

We have introduced a better bulk editing feature for estimated $/ac resource values, allowing you to update multiple resources simultaneously. 

We have improved the speed of the Phone/Email Appends feature, allowing for faster retrieval and appending of contact information.

The Property Report is no longer limited to 15 parcels. You can now generate reports containing a higher number of parcels. However, please note that fetching a large amount of data may still take some time due to retrieval processes.

Exporting portfolios is now significantly faster, with export times averaging less than one minute. 

The export of a portfolio can now include Purchased Ownership (geometry) and Non-Purchased Parcel Information. This enriched export capability provides comprehensive property data for further analysis and integration with external systems.

Parcel Data exports now include additional ownership information, providing a complete snapshot of property ownership details. This enhancement includes "Claimed Ownership" information directly from our marketplace.